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Welcome to Ringier South Africa

The world leading marketplace software company

We are an international software development company that provides cutting edge technology transforming the internet Marketplaces industry within the emerging markets space.

We operate the technology stacks supporting 21 businesses between Africa, Europe and Asia that operate within the Jobs, Cars, Property and General Classifieds industry, with many of them being the dominant players within their respective countries.

Our main focus is on building high quality, user-friendly solutions that are customised to local nuances.

Running a successful business involves much more than just good tech. We further support businesses with customer analytics, technical marketing, UX and many more supportive solutions to take their businesses to the next level and achieve the longer term strategic goals.

Our team consists of Engineers, Developers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts and UX Designers to ensure that we have the ability to provide the best value for our clients, with an emphasis on utilising data to empower businesses to make decisions based on user behaviour and in turn enhance their platforms based on this information.

We focus on lead optimisation and conversion to connect users with the right product or service. We are user centric in our approach and use data to bring about innovative products and solutions.

We are backed by Ringier AG based in Switzerland as the parent company to both Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM) and Ringier South Africa. Ringier AG is a diversified marketplace and media enterprise operating in 19 countries and employing some 7,300 people. Established in 1833, Ringier today operates successful publishing, entertainment, internet businesses and media brands in the print, TV, radio, online and mobile arenas. Now in operation for more than 180 years, Ringier is noted for its pioneering spirit and individuality and is committed to independence, freedom of expression and diversity of information. Ringier is a family owned company whose headquarters are in Zurich.

Ringier AG saw our potential and invested millions of dollars in leveraging our talent and technical compatibility to support our global markets within the Group.