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About Us

Ringier South Africa previously formed part of Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM) primarily as product and technology support for the ROAM businesses within Africa.

To support the Ringier AG group’s longer term strategy around enhancing technology within the emerging market space, Ringier South Africa was established as the Software Development arm to support the wider Ringier AG platforms within the group.

The ROAM group became one of Ringier South Africa’s clients along with other platforms within the Asia markets.

Ringier AG current strategy is based not only on media but also on e-commerce and entertainment.

Ringier entered the African space in 2011 with a clear focus on capitalizing on the massive digital potential of the markets. A few years later, Ringier Africa is operating the leading classifieds and leading integrated media groups - ROAM and RADP. We have operations in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia and our brands have achieved notable success and market leader positions in these markets. We plan on continuing our expansion into more Sub-Saharan nations in the coming years. As in other markets, Ringier partners with some of the best people and companies on the continent for shared success.

Ringier South Africa’s current focus will be within the Africa and Asia space with plans to expand to other continents within the Ringier AG group as well as externally.

Being early adopters of cloud based solutions, we’ve invested heavily in leveraging the best technologies for modern marketplaces. This includes a commitment to Amazon Web Services (AWS) with extensive use of the latest AWS offering to power our modern, scalable web-apps.

We are also committed to the communities which empower our stack, specifically in Laravel PHP, VueJS, Tailwind CSS, Terraform, Docker & Kubernetes which make up the core of our tool belt. In addition, we’ve empowered some teams to venture into Machine Learning and Big Data.

We are always exploring ways to provide the best service to our clients with highly skilled teams working on your platforms.